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1. These terms of use are effective when you log in or use the website operated by EWI LAB CO., LTD.
2. You must understand the content introduced or displayed on this website, including but not limited to any text, images, data files, photos, videos, sound effects, drawings, software, related selection and arrangement methods and other files are EWI LAB CO., LTD. all elements of this website are protected by copyright, moral rights, trademarks and other intellectual property laws. users cannot exercise moral rights. the user has no right to claim the relinquished ownership. you may not use the EWI LAB CO., LTD. logo or other registered images to link to this website (or any other website) without the written permission of EWI LAB CO., LTD..
3. When logging in or using this website, the following matters are strictly prohibited or attempted:
(1) Post, upload, transmit, disseminate, access, manufacture, or disseminate any message, opinion, data, document, file, information, text, music, sound effect, photo, image, password, or other information to the public through this website illegal, defamatory, reputational, obscene, harmful to minors, vulgar, pornographic, alluring, harassing, intimidating, infringing on privacy or public rights, insulting, aggressive, breaching confidentiality obligations, fraud, unpleasant , or other items that make EWI LAB CO., LTD. have reasons to consider inappropriate, incorrect, and misleading.
(2) Infringement of the rights and interests of EWI LAB CO., LTD., other users or third parties.
(3) Fefamation, insult, reputation damage, reputation damage, privacy infringement, disclosure of private information of others (including e-mail address, telephone number, address and id card number, etc. can identify persons related to EWI LAB CO., LTD., others user or third party specific personal identity information), or actions that interfere with the business of EWI LAB CO., LTD., other users or third parties.
(4) Violation of election laws or political activities.
(5) Invite, induce, or promote participation in religious groups or other organizations, advertisements, or all propaganda activities.
(6) Invite, induce or promote investment, donations, funds or purchase of products and services.
(7) Introduce or invite to browse the websites that EWI LAB CO., LTD. considers inappropriate, or use this website to download such files.
(8) Disseminate business information on this website.
(9) The transmission of viruses, harmful programs or files, damaged files, etc. will hinder the normal operation of the computer software or hardware of EWI LAB CO., LTD., other users or third parties.
(10) Distribute any material or content that would violate the legal rights of this website.
(11) will hinder EWI LAB CO., LTD. supply, other users or third parties to use this site.
(12) Hackers, etc. will affect the behavior of logging into this website, and monitor or copy all or part of this website’s behavior.
(13) Violation of this terms of use, public policy, public ethics, laws, regulations, decrees, criminal law or public international law, offensive behavior, restricting or impeding the use of this website by others, making EWI LAB CO., LTD. users or third parties are exposed to any danger or constitute any legal responsibility, or any behavior that EWI LAB CO., LTD. considers inappropriate.
4. If you violate this terms of use, EWI LAB CO., LTD. has the right to delete all your messages and prohibit you from using this website, and you shall not have any disputes. you are responsible for storing the posted content or accessing this website, and all costs and expenses shall be fully borne by you.
5. If you post, access, transmit any content on or through this website, violate the terms of use of this website or violate the rights of any third party, causing others to submit to EWI LAB CO., LTD., its subsidiaries , branches, directors, employees and other users or third parties actually or coercively submit any compensation, loss, cost, liability and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees), you must fulfill your legal responsibility and compensate your losses and suppress the event. you are also responsible for the losses caused by EWI LAB CO., LTD.
6. EWI LAB CO., LTD. will not be liable for any loss caused by the use of this website or its availability, including but not limited to loss of profits and direct, indirect, penal, special and derivative losses. the functions or items of this website are not guaranteed to be free from interference or errors. EWI LAB CO., LTD. does not guarantee that this site is free from virus infection or other polluting or destructive nature. EWI LAB CO., LTD. makes no statement or guarantee about the content of the information provided by users through this website, its accuracy, legitimacy or credibility, and the losses caused by the content related to the information or relying on the information, EWI LAB CO., LTD. is also not responsible.
7. In any case, if you use this website, including but not limited to any information you trust obtained from this website, or because of misunderstanding, omission, interruption, deletion of files, errors, defects, viruses, whether or not it is force majeure, communication failure, stolen, damaged or unauthorized access to this website, resulting in direct, special, indirect or derivative losses, or any other form of loss, including but not limited to loss of use, loss of income or loss of data, EWI LAB CO., LTD. and its directors and employees are not required to bear any legal responsibility. in any case, whether under contract, guarantee, tort (including active, passive or due to negligence) or other legal principles, the total compensation (if applicable) arising from the use of this website shall not exceed the amount of login or use of this website the cost.
8. EWI LAB CO., LTD. reserves the right to make changes to these terms of use at any time without prior notice. if changes are made, the terms of use will be effective when this website is officially announced and will be effective for all users of this website.
9. Any item with such terms of use is invalid and does not affect other items. each item still has full effect.

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